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Current Wood Pellet Pricing as of 11/9/2016

Rib Mountain Blended (Hardwood/Softwood)

Rib Mountain Pine (Softwood)


BBQ pellets




$24 for #40 bag

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We sell and offer delivery of:

  • Wood Pellets
  • Animal Bedding Pellets
  • BBQ Grilling Pellets

If you use pellets to help heat your home and keep your family toasty in those cold winter months or bedding pellets for your favorite horses & pets, you've come to the right place. It doesn't matter if you're interested in burning cordwood or wood pellets, we've been in business for long enough to know what works and what doesn't. We sell only premium wood pellets and bedding pellets. We're honest and will spend enough time with you to help you make the right decision.

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Hestia Pellet Stove $2395

Our Hestia stove is the first of many products that we'll be offering over the years to come. All of our high-quality products are Made in the USA and meet strict EPA and Omni Test Lab. standards. Our stove is the perfect alternative home heating system. This model burns corn, wood pellets, and other renewable fuels with a carbon neutral footprint. This is a nice eco-friendly option to the rising costs of natural gas, propane, oil, and even wood used for heating. You will see your utility bills drop by using our stove in living rooms, as opposed to heating an entire house with other conventional means


fast auto start
ten heat settings
8,500 to 50,000 btu
powerful 500 cfm fan
stainless burn chamber
500 square inch ash bucket
relaxing natural looking flame
burns pellets or corn
loaded with high-tech safety features
hopper capacity  117 lbs wood pellets
130 lbs corn
heating capacity 1700 to 2500 square feet
weight 320
depth   35"
height  37.5"
width   27.5"
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