We have been selling & delivering pellets in Taylor County Wisconsin since 2005.

Full truckload deliveries are available to further out from Taylor County

We sell Rib Mountain Pellets & Haycreek Pellets. We offer wood pellet delivery to your door, and placed where you want them.

We sell home heating pellets by the bag , ton, or by the semi-truck load as well bbq pellets by the bag.

WE make every effort to make sure our customers are happy.

We delivery tonnage of pellets only within Taylor County but truck loads further out

Rib Mountain Wood Pellets


The company was started in early summer, 2010, by three well versed young men in the forestry business. They soon discovered a special demand for the fuel industry in biodegradable wood products coming from their equipment and the paper industry. They invested many long days and nights into starting the pellet business and soon found a high demand for their specialized fuel source.

When only the very best will do and you want top performance from your stove, with more heat and very little ash…then this is the pellet you should be using…

  • Wood: 100% wood
  • Ash: .10% - .15%
  • BTU’s: up to 8900

Haycreek Wood Pellets


Hay Creek Companies supports the care of the environment and manufactures wood fuel pellets for consumer use. These wood fuel pellets are manufactured by compressing sawdust remnants from recycled pallets, as well as from the lumber industry, furniture and flooring, and from forestry by-products. The wood materials used to manufacture the pellets are only recycled wood products. Thus, burning these pellets is a carbon neutral process. All wood pellets manufactured at Hay Creek Companies meet strict ash content, moisture content and heat output standards. We follow the guidelines for premium wood fuel pellets established by the Pellet Fuels Institute.

Taylor Wood Pellets